Integrative Therapies

The Integrative Therapies Team at Boston Children's Hospital provides a wide range of holistic therapies designed to complement your child's medical care. As part of your child's recovery, we focus on restoring a child's mental balance, emotional vitality, and sense of creativity. We also offer education for all health care practitioners, as well as demonstrations and education classes for parents on therapies such as:

  • Massage therapy enhances relaxation and decreases pain with pressure and flowing hand movements.
  • Guided imagery focuses on the senses to bring relaxation, calm, and strength to mental and physical resources.
  • Reiki provides healing energy through gentle touch to provide relaxation and healing.
  • Acupuncture stimulates special points within the body to bring symptom relief and healing.
  • Expressive arts provide creative outlets to balance the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Yoga combines movement, poses, meditation, and deep breathing to help a child relax.
  • Therapeutic touch uses gentle hand movements, often just above the body, to bring balance and healing.

Please contact the following numbers for information on services for patients:

تعرّف على فريق عملنا

  • Anne Louise Dipace, RN: Reiki
  • Bernadine Perham, AS, RN: Reiki
  • Caroline Costello, BSN, RN: Reiki
  • Chris Ploski, PT, MS, PCS: Acupuncture, Cupping
  • Cynthia Graziano, RN: Reiki
  • Cynthia Reed, BSN, RN: Reiki
  • Dianne Cella, MSN, RN, RYT, Staff Nurse III: Meditation, Reiki, Yoga
  • Dr. Emily Davidson, MD, MPH, RYT: Aromatherapy, Reiki, Yoga
  • Janet Duncan, MS, RN: Aromatherapy, Reiki
  • Jessica Grundig: Reiki, Yoga
  • Lee Kelly Dixon, OT-C: Reiki
  • Lori Lazdowsky, BSN, RN: Reiki
  • Marilyn Moonan, BSN, RN: Aromatherapy, Reiki
  • Mary McLellan, BSN, RN: Massage
  • Stephanie Porter, MSN, RN: Reiki
  • Tara Kelly, BSN, RN: Reiki